Saturday, October 22, 2005


Well, that's interesting.

Seems I had to use Netscape to set up an account with the good folks at blogspot, but now can only use Explorer to post.

How very odd.

This was not the splashy debut I had imagined for myself.

My technology is old. By which I mean hardware of about eight years, and software of about two, and an internet connection of the old-school, dial-up variety. In the world of computers, that's all obsolete.

It is not a new observation, but isn't it just a little insane that in order to use this new medium we must constantly throw away very complex machines and replace them with new ones -- not because they have worn out or broken, but because the new are incompatible with the old?

But I did not accept your invitation to post so that I could be the neighborhood grouchy old man (for one thing, I believe Algy has already claimed the post and refuses to share)

I did want to give fair warning that, although I have a great interest in things political, I have almost no interest in writing about them. So pretty much from the moment I open my virtual pie-hole, the tone of the site will change.

Hope that's okay.

Future topics to include: Stuff I Wish Someone Would Research, Food Theme Park, and a revisit of an earlier topic from the archives.

Till then,



At 10/23/2005 12:52 AM, Blogger tess said...

Welcome, Ernest! As a shared blogsite, we're here to post whatever we post ... and no, it's not always political. So feel free to, ah, share.



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