Sunday, October 02, 2005

the rotten roots of american politics

while american media sleeps (or deliberately looks the other way in its own right-wing interest), the rest of the world is well aware of the money-soaked rot at the root of the american system of politics. an editorial in the Observer, a UK publication, goes to the heart of the matter: the K Street den of thieves, washington's lobbyist headquarters.

apparently, man of the dark hour tom delay has been chief engineer of the republicanization of that already-corrupt blight on american politics. the corporate money being pumped into congressional pockets is a disturbing analogue to the pumping of oil from worldwide wells, especially given that so much of that oil ends up here.

I suspect that most republican-identifying americans just aren't aware of what goes on in the halls of goverment--- and would be up in arms if they knew. and so long as the media spotlight is trained on the paris hiltons and fall tv lineup stories of the world, they'll likely never know--- much to the republican masters' glee.

the media have been busily patting themselves on the back for their stellar reportage in the wake of katrina's gulf coast devastation; where the hell is their great work in our nation's capital?


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