Friday, October 07, 2005

This Just In: We Are at War With Oceania ...

... we have always been at war with Oceania ...

The headlines are chilling enough; then, on second blush, it becomes clear that BushCo's remarks regarding the war on Terror (the outlaw emotion) are being reported uncritically, sans analysis, by a large swath of media outlets.

Add in the dedication of space in an increasing number of U.S. homes to large screen televisions and Orwell seems an obvious place to go for -- what, solace? Resistance? Inspiration? Anti-inspiration? (Let's not forget, the book does end with the ultimate defeat of free thought ...)

As a side note, it's interesting to speculate about the effect, in this particular instance, on the headlines displayed by Google News, following their recent changeover to a formula that favors "trusted" (read:mainstream) news sources. I don't doubt Google's sincerity* in wanting to vet their sources, but I hope they pay attention to the slant that is inevitably resulting. (Maybe they could establish a new preferences setting for mainstreamized vs. unfiltered news ... I'll take mine unfiltered, thanks.)

*Then again, take a look at who was pushing Google in this direction back in February 2005 ... none other than ultraconservative columnist Michelle Malkin. To revive a 90sism, it kinda makes ya go "hmmm ..."



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