Saturday, April 23, 2005

possible explanation of bizarre Bush politics

"The Rise of Rove's Republic" by Stirling Newberry (Feb. 2005)

at least offers an intriguing view into the often bizarre and illogical actions of the Bush administraion. I do tend to hearken to conspiracy theories generally, but in doing so I'm often simply seeking a comprehensible explanation of events that otherwise appear irrational. FYI, this Newberry blog entry is longish and there are many comments to it; a good read, though.

Well, what if there were such an overarching agenda being quietly promulgated by right-wing movers and shakers? In any event, and at the very least, Newberry's admonition that we (of the left) make the reduction of American personal debt (and the lifestyle that produces it) a priority, is sound advice that people of any stripe can agree on. That and, of course, the weaning of America from the oil economy and lifestyle.


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