Saturday, October 09, 2004

Election Stuf

Just a couple of election notes ... please read on and spread the word ...

First, an almost (almost) unbelievable, and highly illegal, attempt to influence the election in swing states, courtesy of Republican-connected media conglomerate Sinclair ...

And weirder still ... does Bush wear a wire?

(The whole story requires sitting through an animated ad or being a member of Salon, but it's worth reading ... or check your local Indymedia site for links. The story is zooming around the "Internets" [sic] like wildfire.)

UPDATE on the Karl & Condoleezza Puppet Show: Apparently Bush is still wired, as is apparent from new photos of the third and final debate. Having read some interesting analyses during the past week that were written by people who know about such things, I found it very compelling to watch Bush's eye movements tonight, especially when he was not speaking. His eyes darted back and forth rapidly, as if he were actively listening to someone - but not paying much attention to Kerry. And, as in the second debate, the Bush of Debate #3 sounded a lot more edumacated than the "it's hard work" Bush of Debate #1 ... I wonder if anyone has analyzed his new & improved vocabulary yet? (Here's an interesting look at the contrasting word choices from Debate #1.)

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At 10/15/2004 1:59 PM, Blogger Algernon said...

I do love a good conspiracy theory; probably as much as some readers like to curl up with a good mystery on a cold winter's night.

But in reading some of the "wire" commentary, I would tend to agree there must be less cumbersome (and noticeable) technology available to the President than a friggin backpack. Short of some further evidence-- e.g., was there any HDTV tape of the event? A hi-res shot into an ear or even behind an ear might be very revealing-- I'm leaning toward the body armor vest theory.

The Bush camp denial of same makes me think it all the more. They certainly don't want the American people to see any evidence of weakness on the President's part, since the basis of his campaign (lacking anything more salient or credible) is "strength and conviction". Were it known that he was armored, there is the risk that many Americans would perceive that fact as weakness (even if I might see it as very sensible). Hence the denial.

But it is humorous to think that the man would need a bevvy of spinmeisters-- or even just the powerhouse of Karl Rove-- in his ear to hold his own against uber-Liberal Kerry. Makes me smile.


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