Thursday, January 06, 2005


do you believe the world is heading inevitably toward apocalypse?

do you laugh at the increasing fundamentalist fervor in the world? the way various cults and sects, even major world religions, identify current events as signs of end-time prophecy, yet privately, in the dark and fearful places of your mind, believe they may be right?

do you ohsosecretly look forward with a dreadful delight to the end of this life's misery through the divine agency of righteous cataclysm?

do you?

what if you discovered that your secret dream of fiery termination
a dream?

what if there were no coming apocalypse, except in the minds of people who had not the faith to believe something better?

what if you found that you had been infected with the same idea-virus as they, one that had been passed down through the generations like any other genetic disorder---and further, that it was in your power to free yourself of this idea-virus?

what would you do then?


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