Monday, November 30, 2009

Climate change? Another reason it doesn't (yet) matter

The powers representing the energy status quo (King Coal, Big Oil, and all who benefit from current energy markets) are about to pat themselves on the back.

They think they've managed to inject enough doubt into the media about anthropogenic climate change (ACC) that it will put the kibosh on any climate deal in Copenhagen, or strong enough legislation in the U.S., to make significant carbon reductions; hence the continued safety of their interests.

As I've written previously, ACC is not our biggest worry, at least in the near term. Peak Oil's effects will appear, and be more devastating, long before the worst effects of global climate change. But not wishing to suggest that environmental concerns (and their effects on human societies and systems) are of lesser importance, I here offer this item, courtesy of NRDC.

This short (21:34) film, called Acid Test, provides a brief description of the problem of ocean acidification, once of the consequences of our perpetual CO2 assault on the atmosphere.

There are many reasons, besides ACC, that we must change our energy economy. The consequences of ocean acidification are among them.

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