Friday, March 27, 2009

Eyes on Hawai'i

The island state of Hawai'i has set the admirable and ambitious goal of transforming their energy profile from one heavily dominated by fossil fuels to 70% renewable sources within one generation. Currently, about 90% of Hawai'i's electricity generation and almost all its transportation fuel is based in fossil fuels. Their proposed energy transformation, with a target date of 2030, will be almost total.

And there is every reason to believe they can achieve their goals. Hawai'i is blessed with multiple, reliable energy sources: geothermal, wind, waves, biomass, and solar. Using all these natural resources together will provide a diverse and reliable replacement for imported fossil energy, create jobs and boost the economy, provide energy independence to the state and dramatically lower the costs of imported energy.

As a nation, we will learn a great deal from Hawai'i's experience.

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