Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is Earth Hour over yet?

Boy, when I signed off back in March, I really signed off!

But an opinionated sort, such as myself, can't stay quiet forever.

About a week before my last entry, I was laid off by my last employer. Since then, I've spent my time in a wide range of pursuits— some of them even related to generating income!

  • I've co-founded an organization (that may someday become a full-fledged nonprofit) devoted to creating a simple training program to teach homeowners and renters how to conserve energy (and reduce their carbon footprints and save money) by taking simple steps at home

  • I've worked a few small energy-efficiency projects on a client's house, including installing a solar attic fan, insulating a section of flooring above an open entryway, and insulating the old counterweight chambers around a former double-hung sash window

  • I co-founded a for-profit energy efficiency business, hoping to spread the gospel of conservation and efficiency to central Ohio

  • I designed (imitated a design, really) and typeset a season's worth of programs for a theatre company I used to work for

  • I played the villain (Antonio) in The Tempest for a theatre company that performs free Shakespeare in the park (and has done for 28 years)

  • I played another sort of villain (Torvald Helmer) in A Doll's House for a new theatre company in town

  • and I took on contract work doing voiceover and streaming instructional video production for a major national renewable energy educator

And up until recently, I haven't felt like I've been very busy. I've wasted a LOT of time, and burned through much savings.

But throughout it all, I've kept up with energy conservation. And now I have a full year's data for both electricity and gas consumption.

Here's electricity:

And here's natural gas:

Gas is more complex due to more data available (predating my residency here).

This fall, I'm working to improve the airtightness of the apartment by sealing the windows. I didn't do anything with them last year, but this year I've re-screwed and caulked the loose storm window framing, caulked the panes where original window putty has dried and fallen away, and added vinyl foam weather stripping on the various meeting surfaces of the sashes. We'll see if I can knock a few more CCF off this winter's bills.


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