Wednesday, January 24, 2007

more vids to see

another in the series of grim, critical documentaries I've been watching, I recommend The Corporation (Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, 2003), an historical look at the rise of the legal form known as the corporation with emphasis on its ruthless present-day incarnation. makes a very chilling comparison between the typical large, modern 'merican corporation and the classic textbook DSM definition of a psychopath. film format is mostly interviews with both pro- and anti-corporation notables, including Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Vandana Shiva. heartening interview segments with Ray Anderson (CEO, Interface, Inc.), a very rare example of progressive thinking in large-cap corporate 'merica.

Tess? Ernest? care to add?


At 7/11/2007 11:16 AM, Blogger tess said...

The Corporation is classic. One I saw quite recently that is depressing, but very moving, is called The Ground Truth. It's a pretty simple video, really, just Iraq war veterans telling their stories (which are graphic in places). Last night I heard on the radio (courtesy of the excellent -- and unfortunately "hiatused" -- NPR show Open Source) that only something like 1% of Americans are in the armed forces or know someone who is. That video is a cure for our ignorance. I just wish GWB would watch it - or better yet, have a conversation with one actual veteran or family that has lost a loved one. Fat chance. He doesn't want to know.


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