Friday, November 04, 2005

Just a quick observation

I spent the first half of the day in a semi-dark mood. Not miserable or anything, but residual crankiness from ongoing work (for a difficult person) and ongoing frustration at the larger state of things.

I was waiting for some network notes, so I couldn’t work. Instead I put away Halloween decorations. This year I had repeated a simple outdoor decoration where I hung about twenty five plastic Jack-o-Lantern style trick-or-treat buckets from the big oak tree out front. (On Halloween I put glow sticks inside them). In the daytime they sort of look like what Christo might do for Halloween, the way the very artificial plastic interacts with the organic form of our big live oak.

All of which is a lot of set up for a small point. The last part of my clean up was climbing the tree and untying all of the orange plastic pumpkins. When I was done I just sat there. It’s a nice perspective in a tree. Just a few feet off the ground, really, but you can see the roof and the tops of cars. The leaves all around rustle in the wind. It’s comfortable there. I stayed for another 20 minutes -- doing not much besides watching and being.

Nothing so all-fired new in that, but it's easy (at least for me) to forget how nice it can feel to become very still in the world.

Sitting in the tree made me feel better. I recommend.



At 11/05/2005 5:24 PM, Blogger Algernon said...

I could use a little of that just being. I've been bustin ass on a project for a month and a half now and it's become more stressful than I'd antcipated and I just don't like stress. haven't made time to enjoy fall, arguably my fave season; haven't watched the leaves turn other than passing by in a car; haven't relaxed. oy.


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