Sunday, March 25, 2007

the commie wusses are coming!

beware this dangerous element infiltrating into 'merican society. yes, I'm talking about pinko commie peacenik wusses who will happily hand over our god-given 'merican sovereignty to the communist axis of evil.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

one community, one conversation at a time....

the company I work for, the alternative energy store, was invited to set up a table at this morning's annual pancake breakfast fundraiser at the natick community organic farm. most invitees were non-profit organzations or community groups; given the fact that Alt-E Store is neither (we're a for-profit company and, well, we're nearly a 30-minute drive away--- in the Age of the Car, I suppose that's technically "in the community"), I was pleased and humbled by the invitation. my supervisor, K, and I drove over in her truck and set out a selection of company and product brochures and biz cards, as well as two or three representative products we sell.

you can see, in the photo, the air-x small wind turbine at left, and the evergreen solar solar PV panel against the wall at right.

it was very gratifying to be able to engage in conversation with so many people from the community, to share my passion for doing this work (which I see as spreading the word of empowerment among consumer-citizens), and to see the avid interest in the technologies and concepts involved in renewable energy systems. there is hope for generating a critical mass of awareness to effect the nationwide consciousness-raising that is our hope for a non-traumatic transition through the great energy transition to come.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Attend a climate change presentation near you....

From september last year to this past january, Gore et al. trained 1,000 folks to give his An Inconvenient Truth slideshow presentation, at two-day workshops in Nashville. The trainees then took the message out to their communities. I attended one here in Hudson, Mass., a couple weeks ago. Look for a local presenter near you and invite him/her to your group to make this enlightening presentation. Visit the The Climate Project website for more info....

Also read this disturbing editorial article at truthout, about a problem getting Gore's video out to teachers.