Tuesday, March 21, 2006

random poll #2

which of the selections below best matches your first, gut response to the following word? the context is "national energy policy": conservation

a) too little, too late

b) lean times

c) prudent policy

d) a minor component

e) first priority

f) drastic measures

g) a major component


At 4/04/2006 2:33 PM, Blogger Ernest said...

I would have to say a mixture of:

e) first priority


g) a major component

"A major component" because I think that there are other key components as well. I don't think conservation alone can do the trick, not by a good ways.

That said, we cannot know what is required until a serious effort at conservation has been made. It's like any scientific endeavor -- until you have a control (in this case a society and economy operating at peak efficiency) it's very hard to know how other factors (say, renewable energy) will effect the system. Thus -- "first priority."

Speaking of such things, this weekend D and I went to a garden tour of people using native plants in their yards. First house on the tour was a lady who worked as an ecologist. Man, was her house something to aspire to: 90% self-supporting power via solar, spiffy solar tubes to light dark parts of the house during the day, all new, highly-efficient windows for maximum insulation, all rain gutters leading to a series of rain barrels for collection (except the gutters that directly watered certain plants), companion planting for pest control, and of coure lots of beautiful California native plants all around the house. Really something to admire and emulate.

Lady says she's gonna put up a website for folks to learn from her work. When it's up, I shall let you know.


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