Saturday, February 25, 2006

is that democracy i smell burning?

From a mildly alarming little piece about
of (of all people) Morrissey by the FBI and its British counterpart, comes this interesting self-assessment, which for said popster was reason enough that they ought to leave him alone:

"I don't belong to any political groups, I don't really say anything unless I'm asked directly and I don't even demonstrate in public."

... which leaves those of us who (a) belong to political groups, (b) say a lot, even when we're not asked directly, and (c) demonstrate in public when the spirit moves us, exactly ... where?

Subject to inquiries? Under suspicion? Living under what sort of government? My understanding from civics class was that all of the above was covered as free and legal under our Constitution ... something about freedom to assemble, freedom of speech, and whatnot.



At 3/07/2006 1:49 AM, Blogger tess said...

First they came for the meepy popstars ... then they came for the journalists ... who's next?


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