Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A peek at a possible future U.S. city

What if some human-caused disaster temporarily brushed away the fog of self-perpetuated ignorance that surrounds our daily lives here in the USA, and made starkly plain the truth of our predicament? What if people saw, in sharp relief, the path we're on-- the bright light in the tunnel, getting larger fast, that sure ain't sunlight at the other end? What if we just woke up one day and saw not only that the emperor has no clothes, but he's a blithering idiot and we've been following him like sheep?

Might our response look something like this?

I just can't imagine what sort of disaster might be horrific enough to burst our bubble of complacency. Can you?

While we continue to believe that what needs to be done must be done by someone else (i.e., government), somewhere else (i.e., Washington, D.C., and state houses), the solutions are in our hands, and always have been. Our choices, individually, and taken collectively, determine humanity's course. So let go the charade; stop pretending you're a victim, stop whining about what someone else is or isn't doing. Start looking at your daily, moment-to-moment choices. If you have children, or know the children of others, how could you do otherwise than to act responsibly to ensure a better future for them?

Take off the blinders. See with your eyes and your heart. We're on the verge of greatness or despair. Make your Choice, one choice at a time.

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