Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's all about the stories you tell

Turns out, you can probably sell your political agenda better if you can turn it into a compelling story.

That's what some authors are finally realizing, as reported here by BBC News.

Looking back at the healthcare debate, then, it might have been better strategy for the Obama admin to have sold their reform agenda more along the lines of David versus Goliath (i.e., average American vs. Big Insurance/Big Pharma) than spewing lots of facts and figures about the need for industry reform, factual as they may have been.

By the way, the photo leading the article is, to me, emblematic of Americans' increasingly angry, divisive politics-- a situation created and encouraged, I would argue, by the power elite, who know that so long as we're fighting with one another over this or that comparatively minor detail, no reform can ever interfere with their power-mongering plans. (The photo also reflects the ugliness of self-imposed ignorance.)

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