Friday, December 14, 2007

a headless nation

For anyone with any remaining doubts about whether they should look elsewhere for leadership in difficult times than to our Congress, what should be the ultimate proof took place today in the Senate: they nixed tax credits and a national energy RPS from the latest version of the so-called energy bill.

What more evidence of our need to get off the juice and go renewable do they need on the hill? Than, say, the bottomless cesspool of Iraq involvement, the rapidly rising cost of fossil fuels, the global climate crisis, or the deteriorating global biosphere? Hell, just stop to think about your daily experience in automobile gridlock if you don't want to get into all the reasons "outside" your little world.

Well, I suppose any hope that reason will get through to them is in vain--- since it has much more to do with their lobbyist puppet-masters than reason.

Once again the war-cry: Bring us publicly financed elections!


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