Thursday, June 17, 2004

Egad! I've been digitized!

Not that I hadn't done it to myself before now (spending, as I do, far too much time seated, like some hypnotized supplicant, before my digital god), but somehow it seems that launching into one's fresh new blog-- the pixels haven't even had a chance to dry yet-- requires some sort of recognition, a ritual or something....

[Note to self: future blog subject-- The Role of Ritual in the Age of Cyncism.]


Scenario: A light-filled room. Algernon is seated before terminal XB02703M-HSE of the Digital God.

Digital God (on display): username?

Algernon (typing login): XXXXXXXXX.

Digital God: password?

Algernon (typing password): XXXXXXXX.

Digital God: identity confirmed. access granted.

Algernon: Praise Be to the Great Digital God! Connect me to the Binary Stream, O My Silicon Master; hear my humble ASCII plea and jack me into the digiverse that I may suck the binary teat of the electronic zeitgeist.

Digital God: jacking in..... connected.

Algernon: Thank you, O Master of the Digiverse! Keeper of Binary Wonders! Giver of the Lurid Light of the CRT! Ruler of the----

Digital God: you're being silly.

Algernon: Quite so. Sorry, boss.


In commencement of our mutual bloggage, I hearby coin the term DIABLOG. It's a blog that breaks the self-serving, isolationist egotism of the solo blog and attempts to bring context to commentary by that old and venerable method: dialog. Oooooo, what a concept. But really, what's an idea if it ain't shared? Let its nature as virus be encouraged and explored and let it pass among minds that it may find its fruition in collaborative enhancement. I mean, if an idea falls over alone in a forest, does it make a thought?

In this blog/diablog, we'll bandy ideas about like badminton birdies with the aim to explore them to their utmost (or at any rate to the utmost of our intellectual capacities). At the risk of engaging too much in prognostication, it'll be by turns engrossing, irreverent, silly, moving, enlightening, stultifying, monstrous and invigorating. Or not.

Read at the peril of infection: though we won't distribute digital virus, we will promulgate idea as virus.

Lector emptor. Here there be dragons.